2002-2003 Installations

Site Location Date Consultant/Licensed Installer Area (ft2) Depth (ft) Description
Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Osh Kosh, WI June 2002 Natural Resource Technologies / C3 Environmental 21,000 14-25 cut-off and retaining wall along river bank enhancing plume collection for treatment.
Kingman Power Plant Kingman, KS Sept. 2002 Coranco Great Plains/ C3 Environmental 1680 7 hanging cut-off wall to confine diesel spill.
Industrial Site Linden, NJ June 2003 Brown & Caldwell/ C3 Environmental 146,500 14-28 complete site enclosure with collection system.
Former Wood Preserving Facility Hattiesburg, MS July 2003 Pisani/ C3 Environmental 20,500 26-29 U-shaped wall with tie-backs adjacent creek, collection system behind the wall with geotextile cover