2001 Installations

Site Location Date Consultant/Licensed Installer Area (ft2) Depth (ft) Description
General Electric Phase 6 Pittsfield, MA Jan. 2001 Maxymillian / C3 Enviornmental 8000 30 cut-off wall along riverbank.
Quebecor Rexdale, ON Jan. 2001 AMCE / C3 Environmental 3000 23 partial site enclosure to facilitate solvent recovery program.
Canadian National Railway SIte South Bend, IN Mar. 2001 Slurry Systems / Earth Tech 1132 23 cut-off wall along creek edge.
Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Sheboygan, WI May 2001 C3 Environmental 40,000 30 containment cell at riverside MGP plant.
Belleville Landfill Site Belleville, ON Jun. 2001 C3 Environmental / Gartner Lee 6000 20 pilot scale phase leachate containment wall.
Department of Public Works Lakewood, NJ Oct. 2001 Killam / GeoCon / C3 Environmental 13,667 35 closed cell confining fuel oil containment at municipal garage.
Former Wood Preserving Facility Thunder Bay, ON Oct. 2001 Golder / C3 Environmental 10,763 40 extension of existing cut-off wall preventing migration of contaminants into lake.
Quantum Vancouver, BC Nov. 2001 C3 Environmental 3852   barrier and leachate collection system.
Manufacturing Plant Hastings on Hudson, NY Nov. 2000 IT / C3 Environmnetal 12,000 40 cut-off wall to prevent PCB migration into river.
General Electric Phase 5 Pittsfield, MA Dec. 2001 Maxymillian / C3 Environmental 8000 30 cut-off wall along riverbank.
General Electric Phase 7 Pittsfield, MA Dec. 2001 Maxymillian / C3 Environmental 4800 30 cut-off wall along riverbank.