1998 Installations

Site Location Date Consultant/Licensed Installer Area (ft2) Depth (ft) Description
Pratt Whitney Site New Haven, NJ Jul. 1998 University of Connecticut / University of Waterloo 780 32 closed cell for pilot scale remediation testing.
Industrial Site North Vancouver, BC Aug. 1998 SRK Robinson / C3 Environmental 42,000 43 groundwater barrier and structural wall for excavation of contaminated soils, heavy WEZ 95 sheet pile.
Atomic Energy of Canada Site Chalk River, ON Nov. 1998 AECL / CH2M Hill / C3 Environmental 4,900 27 in situ treatment system for SR90 plume.
Petroleum Refinery Site Arkansas City, KS Nov. 1998 Enecotech / Slurry Systems 5,120 32 containment of hydrocarbon- contaminated soils adjacent to creek.
General Electric Site Pittsfield, MA Dec. 1998 Maxymillian / C3 Environmental 2,760 30 cut-off wall to prevent groundwater contamination from entering river.
Canadian Crown Corporation Site St. John, NB Dec. 1998 Jacques Whitford / C3 Environmental 4,000 7 cut-off wall to limit migration of liquid creosote into adjacent.