1996 Installations

Site Location Date Consultant/Licensed Installer Area (ft2) Depth (ft) Description
Dover AFB Delaware Feb. 1996 Applied Research / C3 Environmental 12,000 50 double-walled test cell for remediation experimentation under controlled conditions.
Industrial Facility Lake Charles, LA Feb. 1996 IT / C3 Environmental 2,700 32 close cell for pilot testing of surfactant injection.
Industrial Facility Toms River, NJ July 1996 Owner / C3 Environmental 3,450 30 closed cell for remediation experimentation.
Glass Manufacturing Plant Hamilton, ON Sept. 1996 Acres / C3 Environmental 8,500 15 - 34 site isolation and structural wall for excavation of contaminated soils.
Denver Federal Center Denver, CO Oct. 1996 IT / C3 Environmental 28,000 24 - 31 full scale Funnel-and-GateTM system with ETI process in multiple gates.
Dow Chemical Site Sarnia, ON Oct. 1996 Dow 15,000 25 cut-off wall along property boundary.
Dover AFB Delaware Nov. 1996 US EPA, Mantech Environmental / C3 Environmental 12,800 50 closed cell test facility installed for Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Lab.
Alameda Naval Air Station Alameda, CA Dec. 1996 Rice Consortium / C3 Environmental 2,670 25 pilot scale Funnel-and-GateTM to test sequential treatment of complex plume.