1995 Installations

Site Location Date Consultant/Licensed Installer Area (ft2) Depth (ft) Description
US Army Corps of Engineers Depot Pueblo, CO Mar. 1995 Geraghty & Miller, RUST/ Slurry Systems 3,100 20 cut-off wall across shallow ravine to allow plume collection for treatment, anchored to bedrock.
Industrial Site Sherburne, NY May 1995 Stearns & Wheler / Slurry Systems 890 20 EPA SITE Program pilot scale Funnel-and-GateTM system to demonstrate degradation of chlorinated solvents using elemental iron (ETI process).
Ottawa Street Landfill Kitchener, ON June 1995 CH2M Hill / C3 Environmental 36,000 24 - 35 methane gas and groundwater barrier along property margin at abandoned landfill site.
Hill AFB Utah Aug. 1995 US EPA, Montgomery Watson / C3 Environmental 13,420 35 8 closed cells installed for remediation experimentation by Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Lab.
Former Venus Mine Yukon Sept. 1995 Dept. of Indian & Northern Affairs / C3 Environmental 10, 460 18 - 24 isolation of tailings impoundment from adjacent lake at abandoned mine site.
Union Pacific Railyard San Jose, CA Oct. 1995 Levine-Fricke / C3 Environmental 6,000 30 - 35 structural wall and groundwater barrier installed alongside railbed to facilitate excavation of contaminated soils.
Lowry AFB Denver, CO Nov. 1995 Dames & Moore / C3 Environmental 1,320 20 pilot scale Funnel-and-GateTM system with ETI process.